Do you daydream of some relaxing vacations? Summer vacations are still far away but Easter is getting closer. If you plan your spring or summer vacation now, you can get some pretty good deals!


When you book early, you can often get amazing deals for vacation packages or flights. But you have to know where and how to find them. We put together our hottest tips where we find the best prices for flights or killer vacation deals on the internet.

Stay incognito

When you look for flights or vacation deals, open up an incognito window in your browser. If you search in a regular window, the browser will save what you were looking for in the cookies and show you sometimes higher prices because they know that you need a flight to this place.

It’s often cheaper to book inland flights in other countries on the website of the airline itself instead of a partner airline in your country or a meta-portal. Those websites are only available in the original language of the country, but with google translate this should not be a problem anymore. You will be charged in the local currency, so you have to calculate the cost in USD or CHF to be able to compare.

Over an Indian travel agency, I was able to book my flight to Bali for 50% off, but I had to pay in Indian rupees…. and before going to the airport I was a little nervous if everything with the flight would work out. But it all worked perfectly and I was able to invest the saved money in some nice hotels in Bali. But be aware of the risk to give your credit card information to a foreign website with little credibility.

Search on Meta-Portals

When you are only looking for a flight, you have to check on at least one meta-search-portal, that combs through different airlines and websites for you. Here we have recently found the cheapest flights:

The directest and fastest way to travel is not always the best. The two search engines Cleverlayover and Skiplagged use this principle to find you a deal that gets you more travel for less money. When you don’t mind a long journey, you should check out Cleverlayover. There you can find flights, that are cheaper but have an extra stop along the way. If your layover is longer than 7 or 8 hours and you are not arriving in the middle of the night, you get to check out an extra city for the same price.

Another useful website is Skypicker – they display on a map view how much the trip to the different cities and countries nearby would cost. Maybe you find all of the sudden a place, you wanted to go to that get’s you a much cheaper flight than what you had in mind originally.


Under Flightfox you get another but not less interesting concept – here some professionals will search the web for the best flight for you. You pay 49 USD for the service if they can find you a fare that is 49 USD lower than the one you found yourself. Otherwise, they will not charge you anything.

For browsing and bargain hunting we recommend the following sites:

Photo: Flickr by Nick Harris

Photo: Flickr by Nick Harris

Book at the right time

How much your trip is going to cost will depend very much on when you book it. When you plan a few months ahead of time, you can get better deals with airlines and resorts. The more people they have booked, the higher the prices will go. It happens though that shortly before the trip, the airlines and hotels try to sell their last places for a cheaper price again.

A few websites and apps help you with telling when it’s the best time to go ahead and buy your flight. With the free App Hopper iOS / Hopper Android you will be informed if the flight you are looking at will go up or down in price in the next few weeks. The app will send you a push notification when the price of your flight reaches the lowest point.

The website Tingo works in a similar way – but in this case not for flights but hotel bookings. If you booked a hotel and during the time before your trip, the price of your hotel room goes down, Tingo will reimburse you automatically the difference back onto your credit card. That works also if you find a cheaper price for the room on a different website. If you book your room early, the chances of the prices dropping at some point during that time are higher.

With Airfarewatchdog you can type in your possible travel destinations and you will be automatically informed via email when they find cheap flights to this destination.

Photo: Flickr by Karl-Martin Skontorp

Photo: Flickr by Karl-Martin Skontorp

Vacations with low-budget airlines

If you buy your flight early enough, you can get some amazingly low fares with low-budget airlines. At the Cheap Airline Corner, you will find a list of all low-budget airlines. You can click on the departure cities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria to find out where you can fly to from this departure point and which low-budget airlines will take you there.

At Easyjet, you can check the yearly overview to find out what time of the year your destination is especially cheap to fly to. People that are younger than 26 or still registered as a student, can find good deals on Student Universe.

Sometimes it makes sense to check out combo deals. It sounds absurd, but it can be cheaper to get the flight in combination with a rental car or a hotel offer.

Sign up for newsletters

People that love spontaneous trips and are not set on a specific destination, should sign up for some airline newsletters. For example, the WOW-campaign of KLM – every wednesday KLM offers a super-deal to one destination that you can buy only on that day for this special rate. Fares are usually at least 40% cheaper than a regular ticket. And that might give you the inspiration to discover some unimagined locations.

For long distance flights, that are not covered by low-budget airlines, Swiss has regular deals that are communicated over newsletter or on the website as special offers. Sometimes the offers just last for 48 hours – so with the newsletter, you will not miss any deals. Most of those fares can not be found on meta search engines.

Photo: Flickr by Clément Alloing

Photo: Flickr by Clément Alloing

Where to stay

Those who don’t want to feel like a tourist and like to mingle with locals should book a stay with Airbnb. You make friends much faster and will be taken to insider locations where tourists usually don’t hang out. It is often cheaper than a hotel and there is a huge selection of interesting accommodations like caves, tree houses, house boats or even lighthouses.

Are you super-spontaneous and don’t need to plan way ahead? Then you might like the App Hotel Tonight iOS / Hotel Tonight Android. There you find last minute deals in different cities for several prices categories for the following days.

Booking at Hotwire can be fun if you like to gamble. When you book your accommodations you only know the city district it is in and how many stars the hotel has. Only after the payment, it will be revealed which specific hotel you will be staying at. But you get a better discount for the usual prices and sometimes even a super-deal!


Extra comfort

There are a few apps and websites, that can make your trip more comfortable and nicer.Who doesn’t know the feeling of being squeezed into the middle seat of a plane for several hours? The app Seat Alerts iOS/ Seat Alerts Android informs you immediately when another seat with certain conditions becomes available and you only need to call the airline and claim it.

Packing your suitcase and not forgetting things you need  – the app Packing List iOS/ Packing List Android keeps you on track. At the beginning, you choose the type of journey and the destination. According to the weather report and the planned activities the app will put a packing list together, so you only need to gather the things and put it into your suitcase.

To find out where locals go, eat and party – we can recommend the app Localeur iOS / Localeur Android.

While you are traveling, you can already collect miles for your next trip. To get an overview over your different mile accounts and airlines, we propose to open up an account with Award Wallet, the perfect place to manage all your accounts from.


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