We can’t await spring! As soon as some sun rays manage to come through the thick clouds, people gather outdoors. For everyone who needs already now a dose of spring, we recommend a visit to those magical gardens of Zürich.




Wallisellenstr. 49

8050 Zürich

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16.-20.März 2016

For inspirations for the design of your own magical garden, you should visit Giardina, one of the biggest garden fairs in Europe. The most relevant exhibitors present for the beginning of spring on 30’000 m2 the newest products, creative solutions and the upcoming trends in garden design.

In the middle of impressive garden examples and skillful installations, you find an abundance of inspirations for your personal flower- or garden paradise around your house, on the terrasse or your balcony.

Why not invite the spring in your house and make your own herb garden or start your Urban gardening project?

Succulent collection

Photo: Flickr by Harold Litwiler


Mythenquai 88

8002 Zürich

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The succulent collection of Zürich is one of the biggest and most remarkable special collections of succulents and cacti worldwide since 1931. Succulents are plants from dry areas that store big amounts of water. Cacti are succulents but also agaves, aloes and thick sheet greenhouses. About 6500 different plants from more than 70 plant families are cultivated. For the region and the city of Zürich, this collection is an important addition to the Botanical Garden, since it shows the amazing variety of this interesting group of succulents in 7 open show houses.

For little money, you can buy freshly harvested seeds and special soil mixes for succulents and cacti. On Saturday, 28th of May 2016 there is a big market for cacti selling a huge variety of different plants. .


China Garden

Photo: Flickr by Diego Sideburns


Bellerivestr. 138

8008 Zürich

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The China garden was originally a gift from the Chinese partner city Kunming to the people of Zürich.The garden is an intense examination of one of the main themes of the Chinese culture: “The three friends of winter”. These are the pine tree, the bamboo and the winter cherry tree, all those defying the winter together. The pine tree is bent and ruffled from the fight against the wind and symbolizes the victorious virtue. The bamboo is bending in the wind but doesn’t break and is the symbol for the Confucian nobleman. The lovely flower of the winter cherry appears as one of the first and while still snow is around and symbolizes the new budding life.

On the 19th of March 2016 the china garden Zürich will open the spring season. Directly on the lake, the china garden is a green oasis, where you can take a break from everyday life. Curved walkways and bridges invite to take a walk in the park. In the small pavillons on the fish pond, you can wonderfully read, enjoy the sun or daydream.



Botanical Garden

Photo: flickr by weisserstier

Botanischer Garten

Zollikerstr. 107

8008 Zürich

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On an area of 53’000 m2 the Botanical Garden of Zürich cultivates around 9000 different plant spiecies from the different clima zones of the world. There are three dome-shaped show houses and each is devoted to a topic: tropical mountain forest, flatland rainforest and tropical arid area. The Botanical Garden covers a huge variety of plants and to nearly all around the year you can find fascinating flowers and fruits on the plants. But also the immense diversity of shapes and surfaces is astounding. It is best to enjoy this garden with all of your senses. The mixture of different smells, intensive colors and surprising shapes and surfaces.

Enjoy the spring sun on the lawn next to the pond. It’s a small green paradies in the middle of the city, where you can find spring in any season of the year.



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